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When it comes to cooling your home, you can rely on the experience and great level of service you receive from Rodenhiser. From installation to service and repair (see here), Rodenhiser is the complete solution with the expertise to plan and install the perfect system for your home and your family. Serving the Route 495 / 128 area for 85 years, you can rely upon Rodenhiser's on-time service and satisfaction guarantee. Read more about the benefits of choosing Rodenhiser here.

Great ways Rodenhiser can help you with your home's new air conditioning installation:

1. The perfect air conditioning for your home

Rodenhiser can help you choose the perfect system for your family and your budget, with advice to help ensure that your new system provides you with a comfortable even temperature, as well as better control of how your home is cooled. High quality planning and installation is critical to a system that will last year after year - an underrated system would always be working at full capacity, while an overrated system would have to cycle on and off - causing reliability issues and poor cooling. That's why Rodenhiser's input is so important in helping you choose the right system - it is critical to have your new system sized properly.


2. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

It's the ultimate assurance of the great service you receive when you call Rodenhiser. We will always ensure that your new air-conditioning system is installed to your satisfaction - with on-time service, clean, tidy and polite technicians, and respect for your home.

3. Backed by a solid warranty

On top of your manufacturer's warranty, all of Rodenhiser's workmanship is backed by a solid warranty.

4. Trusted for 85 years

Rodenhiser has serviced the Route 495 / 128 area of Massachusetts for 85 years - you know you are choosing a trusted company for your air conditioning installation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

5. Relax in comfort this summer

Rodenhiser's professional installations can keep you cool this summer, with cooler days and nights, and reduced humidity. It means that you can unwind in comfort after a long day, and have a good night's sleep rather than tossing and turning because it's too hot.

6. More control over your cooling

Speak to Rodenhiser about the various control options for your new air conditioning system including zoned cooling so that you can have different rooms at different temperatures, digital controls, and easy-to-read thermostats.

7. Cleaner air

Your new heating system may be compatible with various air quality solutions - if you are interested in cleaner indoor air then Rodenhiser may be able to help. Air purity systems can give you fresher and cleaner air filtered of the many contaminants found in the average home - it can aid allergy sufferers, remove bad odors and smoke, and even improve the humidity and comfort. If you are interested in cleaner, fresher air in your home, speak to an expert from Rodenhiser today.

8. Energy savings and environmental benefits

Modern air conditioning systems are more energy efficient than old systems, so by choosing the right system, along with professional sizing and installation from your Rodenhiser technicians, you can make on-going energy savings from your new air conditioning system. And, of course, if you are cooling your home more efficiently you are also producing less greenhouse gases to the benefit of the environment. See here for more information (opens in a new window). Rodenhiser can help you estimate your potential energy savings compared to your existing system, which helps you make an informed choice on the best new air conditioning system for your home.

"Nice people...great service"TM

So for the best choice and service in air conditioning installation, with a satisfaction guarantee, speak with Rodenhiser toll free today and ask about the cooling options for your home. Call Rodenhiser at 1-800-462-9710


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