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ExpertsFor all your air conditioning service and repair needs in Massachusetts, you can be sure that you are making the best choice when you call Rodenhiser. With 85 years of delighted clients and experience, and a total commitment to providing you with a convenient, on-time and professional service, you can trust Rodenhiser when you need reliable and trustworthy repairs and maintenance. Best of all, when you choose Rodenhiser your satisfaction is guaranteed - all the work will be completed to your satisfaction.

24 hours servicesTo read more about the benefits of choosing Rodenhiser for your air conditioning service and repair, click here.

1. Convenient, on-time service

Convenient 2-hour arrival windows for regular service appointments scheduled Monday through Saturday. 24 hour service is available for night and weekend emergencies.

2. Satisfaction guaranteed

3. Work backed by solid warranty

4. Central Air Conditioning Repairs


When you have problems with your home's air conditioning system, Rodenhiser can help with expert diagnosis and professional repairs as fast as possible. With vast experience in repairing all brands of central comfort systems, when you choose Rodenhiser you can be sure that the job will be done right, and rely on a great level of service. 24 hour and weekend emergency service is also available.

** All brands repaired **

Call Rodenhiser toll free today at 1-800-462-9710.


Air conditioning failures are most likely to occur when you really need it - hot days when the system is under the most stress to keep your home cool. And of course, this is when there is the highest demand for service. Rodenhiser can help you with more technicians available ready and on stand-by, as well as state-of-the-art "on the road" digital scheduling, to get technicians to where they are needed faster. For better service on hot days, call Rodenhiser now! You can also help to prevent breakdowns this summer with scheduled maintenance inspection of your system.

6. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is an important part of keeping your system running properly and preventing common causes of breakdowns. Rodenhiser can help with a comprehensive and affordable inspection and maintenance overhaul of your system. Not only can it help to avoid unwanted breakdowns on hot days, regular service can help it run at maximum efficiency - minimizing your on-going energy costs and reducing the load on the system to improve it's longevity.

Your system may also benefit from having your ducts inspected and cleared.

You can help avoid costly breakdowns and repairs by scheduling regular service of your air conditioning system with one of our maintenance plans. Read about the benefits and your maintenance options here (3MB pdf, opens in a new window).

For the best in central air conditioning maintenance for your home, speak to Rodenhiser for great on-time service with a firm up-front price. Call today.

7. Central Air Conditioning Upgrades

There may be several upgrades available to your system, including air quality improvements, zoning, better controls and easier-to-read thermostats. If you are interested in upgrading your air conditioning system, simply call and ask about some of the options that might be available to you.

"Nice people...great service"TM

Whatever your air conditioning needs, Rodenhiser can help with expertise and a genuine dedication to giving you great service. After 80 years working in the Route 495 / 128 area, our reputation depends upon it. So for all your air conditioning maintenance call Rodenhiser toll free today at 1-800-462-9710.


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Read more about Rodenhiser's maintenance plans for your home or apply online here.

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