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At Rodenhiser we want to make sure homeowners understand how to maintain their home and how to address issues that may arise. Watch these videos to learn home tips and more about your home!
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The Power Of Whole Home Humidifiers
3 Steps To Test Your Heating System
What Is a Heat Pump?
What Is The Mass Save Program?
Why Are Exhaust Fans Important?
What Is The Main Water Shut Off Valve?
What Is a Whole Home Surge Protector?
How To Change a Minisplit Air Filter And Why
How To Protect Your Home In a Power Outage
What Is a Standby Generator?
Do you host for the holidays? The last thing you want to deal with is a clogged pipe. Take note and make sure to avoid putting these items down your drain.
Follow these steps to make sure your heating system is working efficiently and your home is heated properly!
In extreme cold, avoid burst pipes and make sure you’re prepared for the first bitterly cold day of the year.
Stay calm! Follow these steps if your pipes have frozen.
First storm of the year on it’s way? Make sure your yard and outdoor equipment is ready and will be safe in the storm.
Stay calm and follow these steps if you ever catch yourself in this situation!
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are vital for safety in every home. To ensure they are working properly, they should be tested once a month.
Have a water heater but not sure what to look out for when it’s failing? Watch the video below and take note of the various warning signs so you don’t get stuck without hot water and a flooded basement.
Clean lint buildupt at least once per year. Don’t overlook the importance of cleaning your dryer vent.
Be sure to test your AC early before you need it to avoid sweaty days, limited technicians and high costs in the heat of the summer.
Follow these easy steps to book your service online. You can pick a date or time that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.